Determining Your Body Type

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The descriptions below should help you to determine your body type which will in turn help you to determine which bridal gown silhouette will help you look your best on your wedding day. Body types are generally broken down into 4 types; the triangle, the inverted triangle, the rectangle or the hourglass.
The Triangle
The hip measurement will be the largest, with narrow shoulders and defined waist. If in doubt, take the shoulder measurement and add 5%. This will give you the minimum hip measurement you would need to be considered an A. If you are a triangle:
What to do: Distract attention from hips. Divert attention to shoulder/chest/face area
What to wear: Gowns draped horizontally or a bodice with accented beading in a horizontal line will help to balance out hips. A-line gowns are a good choice. Choose accessories that draw attention to your face, sparkling necklaces, and chandelier earrings.
What to avoid: Anything that creates a horizontal line across hips –a dropped waistline, any beading, appliqué or decoration that is place at the hip will create this horizontal line.
The Inverted Triangle
Broad and sometimes busty, this wedge shaped (or inverted triangle) woman carries their weight in their upper body.  The shoulder or bust  will the largest. If in doubt, take the hip measurement and add 5%. This will give you the minimum shoulder measurement to be considered an inverted triangle.  If you are an inverted triangle:
What to do: Distract attention from shoulders. Divert attention to slender hips
What to wear: Create the illusion of a “v” neckline or slimming vertical line with longer necklaces or choose a gown with a v-neck. Bangles or chunky bracelets divert attention to your wrist, which is naturally close to hip area. Dropped or Basque waistlines or a gown with an appliqué or decorative accent that draws attention to the hips are an instant way to balance slim hips with wide shoulders. Halters or straps that are closer to the neck will also slim shoulders. The halter top on a gown draws eye to
focus on collar bone rather than shoulders. The Ball Gown silhouette that cinches in at the waist and then flare at hips will help to create the illusion of needed
volume in the hips. Extraordinary shoes will also divert attention away from your shoulders.
What to avoid: Straight, strapless necklines which create a horizontal line across shoulders or bust area; stay away from shoulder accents or sleeve gathers that will emphasize your broad upper half.
The Rectangle
Anyone whose figure lacks a distinct waistline is considered to have a Rectangle body type. Your body type carries the majority of its weight in the middle. Hip and shoulder measurements will be the same (or very close) and the waist will be very similar or larger than the hip or shoulder measurement. Take the hip or the shoulder measurement (remember that these will practically be the same) and subtract 25%. This will give you the minimum waist measurement to be considered to have a rectangle body type. If you are a Rectangle:
What to do: Distract from waist. Create curves. Refocus attention to upper and lower body
What to wear: Belts – if you are slim or average with long torso, use at waist to pull the eye inward and create waist, otherwise avoid in this area. A low slung belt can add volume to the hips and make waist smaller by comparison. Try an Empire silhouette gown, its roomy fit hides the tummy. Create shape with a tailored bridal jacket – a nip and flare at waist fakes a curvy figure. Draw attention to spectacular footwear which will help to emphasize your slender legs.
What to avoid: Boxy cut, gathered skirts like a Ball Gown that will hide your slender lower half.  Avoid any detail at your middle (other than a belt if you have a long torso).
The Hourglass
This is the curvy girl. Their shoulders and hips are balanced and they have a small defined waist and are well proportioned.  Your shoulder and hip measurements should be within 5% of each other. Take the hip (or shoulder) measurement and subtract 10 (assuming that you’re working in inches). This will give you the approximate waist measurement for this person to be considered an hourglass (within a couple of inches).
What to do: Keep hips and shoulders balanced. Show off your smaller waist and Marilyn Monroe-like figure.
What to wear: Belts – wear at waist to show it off. If you’re busty choose necklaces that sit above the bust line on chest. The body hugging Trumpet or Mermaid silhouette shows off your curves. Criss-cross ruching under your bust will also emphasize your curvy shape.
What to avoid: Silhouettes that hide your shape, like an Empire gown. All over horizontal stripes which will visually add bulk to your silhouette
Okay brides and future brides you’re armed with everything you need to know on determining your body type, now check out “Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette” for more specifics on wedding gowns.