Coming Soon to Fredericksburg, TX

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We’re working feverishly towards a Mid-August opening.  Dresses and Accessories are arriving daily.  Please stay posted for further updates.


Our Address is 605 S. Washington, Fredericksburg TX 78624


  1. Dear Que Bella Bridal:

    My name is Diana Rosagllio. This weekend I met and made friends with a most amazing military woman named Nelida. She is married to one of our Iraqi War Veterans with PTSD and other injuries. He is a disabled veteran. She is caregiver to her husband, and a mom to their children. Nelida was one of the ladies at our veteran women’s retreats last weekend. I over heard her say that she and her husband had never had a wedding, and that she hoped someday to be able to do that. They have a family, and she runs a full time advocacy as a Wounded Warrior Peer Mentor for returning combat veterans, and their families, helping them with resources, and navigating the truly confusing VA maze of assistance. She works as a advocate for others, while dealing with the stress of the PTSD her husband suffers as a result of the terror of war. The stories I hear are as awful as you can imagine, and PTSD sufferers actually act out there terror. So I know she has to deal with so many tough and stressful nights and days.

    I would like to ask on her part, for a beautiful dress for this very deserving lady, so they can have the beautiful wedding they never had the chance to enjoy. I heard about Brides Across America, and researched to find that your wonderful business is participating in the program for deserving military women on the 8th of November in Austin 2012.

    I hope and pray you will assist her and put a smile on her face. She is very beautiful and lovely. And I know if you ever met her, you would love her too.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Very Kind regards,

    Diana Rosagllio
    Former Military Police
    US Army

  2. Diana, As a military retiree, I can appreciate everything Nelida must be going through and I am touched that you were so selfless as to share her story with me after just meeting her. The November 8th event is at Signature Bridal in Austin. The Brides Across America Event here at Que Bella Bridal Boutique in Fredericksburg will be on Saturday, November the 24th. I am excited to meet Nelida and the other special women like her. Nelida will need to complete the on-line reservation at the Brides Across America website in order to be admitted to the event and get access to the gowns. I look forward to helping her find the perfect dress so that she can finally have her special wedding day. If you or Nelida needs more information, don’t hesitate to contact me at (830) 998-7831 or by email: Sue

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