Our Newest Wedding Gown

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Considered by Casablanca Bridal as the season’s “Princess” ball gown. Tulle over Silky Satin, the bodice and skirt feature all over beautiful beadwork and silver embroidery with a Luxe Organza pleated band that has a beaded appliqué at the natural waist.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  We’ve got it displayed on our centerpiece mannequin in our showroom.  Stop by and see...

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First YELP rating!

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Ann Q. San Antonio, TX 8/28/2012 I called Que Bella and spoke with Sue. She was super sweet and was willing to work with me to order my dress even though i’m from out of town! 🙂 5 Stars!!!

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White Hot Wedding Gown Trends

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The Knot presented this morning’s seminar on White Hot Wedding Trends.  The seminar started off with a review of 2012 Style Icons that are influencing wedding gown trends, as well as, trends that were big for Spring 2012 and Trends that are new for Fall 2012. 2012’s Style Icon influencers include: Snow White & the Hunstman- Snow White’s fairy tale style dresses for wedding gowns and the Queen’s gowns for Mother of the Bride. I Am Marilyn- Marilyn Monroe, Retro-inspired, old Hollywood glamor looks Lauren Bush’s Ralph Lauren-designed wedding dress-Vicotrian look with long lace sleeves and Illusion lace neckline. The Royal Wedding Dress-Kate Middleton’s magnificent dress with its v-neck, Illusion lace neckline and long sleeves.Spring 2012 Spring 2012 Wedding Trends included: Beaded Bodices with simple, plain skirts. Sexy slits- Come in and check out Casablanca Bridal’s 2022 which combines all over lace (a trend for Fall) with a concealed zipper front  slit. Black Accents-From black horsehair bows, appliques, and embroidery  to  Vera Wang’s all black wedding dress collection. Off-the-shoulder necklines-From Bateau (boat neck) to straight across mid-upper arm straps. The Mermaid silhouette- from the traditional tight to the knee (think the classic Barbie doll dress) silhouettes to a softer more mobile trumpet silhouette. Next  week is Bridal Fashion Week in New York.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting what trends to look from designers in their newest collections. Keep the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the 9/11 Tragedy in your thoughts and prayers...

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Determining Your Body Type

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The descriptions below should help you to determine your body type which will in turn help you to determine which bridal gown silhouette will help you look your best on your wedding day. Body types are generally broken down into 4 types; the triangle, the inverted triangle, the rectangle or the hourglass. The Triangle The hip measurement will be the largest, with narrow shoulders and defined waist. If in doubt, take the shoulder measurement and add 5%. This will give you the minimum hip measurement you would need to be considered an A. If you are a triangle: What to do: Distract attention from hips. Divert attention to shoulder/chest/face area What to wear: Gowns draped horizontally or a bodice with accented beading in a horizontal line will help to balance out hips. A-line gowns are a good choice. Choose accessories that draw attention to your face, sparkling necklaces, and chandelier earrings. What to avoid: Anything that creates a horizontal line across hips –a dropped waistline, any beading, appliqué or decoration that is place at the hip will create this horizontal line. The Inverted Triangle Broad and sometimes busty, this wedge shaped (or inverted triangle) woman carries their weight in their upper body.  The shoulder or bust  will the largest. If in doubt, take the hip measurement and add 5%. This will give you the minimum shoulder measurement to be considered an inverted triangle.  If you are an inverted triangle: What to do: Distract attention from shoulders. Divert attention to slender hips What to wear: Create the illusion of a “v” neckline or slimming vertical line with longer necklaces or choose a gown with a v-neck. Bangles or chunky bracelets divert attention to your wrist, which is naturally close to hip area. Dropped or Basque waistlines or a gown with an appliqué or decorative accent that draws attention to the hips are an instant way to balance slim hips with wide shoulders. Halters or straps that are closer to the neck will also slim shoulders. The halter top on a gown draws eye to focus on collar bone rather than shoulders. The Ball Gown silhouette that cinches in at the waist and then flare at hips will help to create the illusion of needed volume in the hips. Extraordinary shoes will also divert attention away from your shoulders. What to avoid: Straight, strapless necklines which create a horizontal line across shoulders or bust area; stay away from shoulder accents or sleeve gathers that will emphasize your broad upper half. The Rectangle Anyone whose figure lacks a distinct waistline is considered to have a Rectangle body type. Your body type carries the majority of its weight in the middle. Hip and shoulder measurements will be the same (or very close) and the waist will be very similar or larger than the hip or shoulder measurement. Take the hip or the shoulder measurement (remember that these will practically be the same) and subtract 25%. This will give you the minimum waist measurement to be considered to have a rectangle body type. If you are a Rectangle: What to do: Distract from waist. Create curves. Refocus attention to upper and lower body What to wear: Belts – if you are slim or average with long torso, use at waist to pull the eye inward and create waist, otherwise avoid in this area. A low slung belt can add volume to the hips and make waist smaller by comparison. Try an Empire silhouette gown, its roomy fit hides the tummy. Create shape with a tailored bridal jacket – a nip and flare at waist fakes a curvy figure. Draw attention to spectacular footwear which will help to emphasize your slender legs. What to avoid: Boxy cut, gathered skirts like a Ball Gown that will hide your slender lower half.  Avoid any detail at your middle (other than a belt if you have a long torso). The Hourglass This is the curvy girl. Their shoulders and hips are balanced and they have a small defined waist and are well proportioned.  Your shoulder and hip measurements...

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

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There is a misconception that your weight determines what type of silhouette you can wear.  That is untrue.  It is your body type that determines the silhouette that will be the most flattering. The silhouette, when paired correctly with your body type, determines how a wedding gown fits and looks on you. There are plenty of silhouettes that, when done right, flatter and complement every body type. Here are the most common bridal gown silhouettes: A-line or Princess This silhouette is universally flattering with a fitted bodice and beginning right below the natural waistline, elegant, clean lines flare at the hips to narrow and elongate the torso. A-line gowns are also quite versatile. It is an especially good choice for the Triangle body shape. Just make sure it has a natural waistline-not dropped. Look for a strapless neckline or bodice with horizontal accent beading or embroidery. If you have an Inverted Triangle body type choose a Dropped or Basque waistline or a gown with an appliqué or decorative accent that draws attention to the hips and flows into a soft A-line skirt to balance your figure. Look for a v-neckline and close-to-the-neck straps to help visually slim your shoulders. While other silhouettes are dependent on the strength and texture of certain fabrics, the fabric your A-line gown is made from will depend on your personal preference. If you desire a soft, feminine shape, choose a light fabric like chiffon that can hang comfortably off the body. If you’re looking for something more refined and formal, heavier fabrics like organza can add structure and help maintain the A-line’s smooth, crisp silhouette. Ball Gown Also known as a Princess silhouette, it has a fitted bodice and a full, floor length skirt. It is a silhouette that hides the hips, if only because no one can see where they are, and creates an hourglass effect when combined with a larger bust. If you have an Inverted Triangle body type the Ball Gown to balance slim hips with wide shoulders However, if you have the Triangle body type, take care as the dress can appear bottom-heavy.  So balance the Ball Gown silhouette with straps that rest on the outside of the shoulders for symmetry, choose a skirt with less volume and use a light, airy fabric like chiffon for the train. Petites should be careful with this silhouette as its volume can overwhelm a small-statured bride. Empire The high-waisted Empire gown is all about Old World romance. The waist on an empire gown rests just below the bust, then flares out and flows freely. This silhouette gives the empire gown a more comfortable, relaxed charm than many other silhouettes – while still maintaining style. The halter top on an Empire gown draws eye to focus on collar bone rather than shoulders and help visually balance an Inverted Triangle figure and is a good choice for a bride with a Rectangle body type.  Empire gowns can either enhance or de-emphasize the bust. While a sweetheart neckline on an empire dress will highlight your assets, a square cut across the front can help play down larger breasts without looking frumpy. An Empire silhouette gown, with a roomy cut can camouflage the tummy area and refocus it to your upper body-smiling face.. A free-flowing fabric like charmeuse in an empire silhouette can also hide wider waists and hips of a Triangle body type, as well as make dancing and sitting much easier.  This silhouette is best avoided by brides with an hourglass figure as it hides your curves.  Fit & Flare Fit and flare is one of the most popular silhouettes. It is usually broken into two separate silhouettes, the mermaid and the trumpet. A trumpet silhouette accentuates ones curves by having a fitted bodice and flaring out below the hip or at mid-thigh and can be the right choice for a bride with an hourglass figure. The mermaid silhouette has a closely fitted bodice which then flares out either slightly above or below the knee area. Fit and flare gowns aren’t for every body type....

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Coming Soon to Fredericksburg, TX

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We’re working feverishly towards a Mid-August opening.  Dresses and Accessories are arriving daily.  Please stay posted for further updates.   Our Address is 605 S. Washington, Fredericksburg TX 78624

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