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10 Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for a Gown

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1. Not checking out the retailer The salon should be an authorized retailer for the designer of the gowns you are interested in. If not, you have no recourse for damage or late delivery. 2. Buying a gown online  Make sure the online retailer is authorized to sell that particular designer’s gowns, otherwise you won’t receive an authentic gown (it’s probably a Chinese counterfeit) and the designer won’t stand behind it if anything is wrong. Check the individual designers’ websites to find out which stores are authorized in your area. Check the website’s “Contact” page.  If the information lists a non-US address or phone number be extra cautious. 3. Being tempted by online discounts If the online vendor is falsely using a designer’s brand name, you may receive a poor quality counterfeit. Most designers warn consumers that they don’t support such online retailers and because of recent legal actions against Chinese counterfeit vendors, US Customs is now confiscating the gowns when they enter the country at the port. If you do order online, check the return policy. If it says the dress is sold strictly as is and can’t be returned if damaged, then you’re definitely on the wrong site! 4. Shopping for a gown with too many people A bride should bring only two to three people whose opinions are the most important when shopping for a gown. A mom and sister or best friend usually have the bride’s best interest at heart and leave their opinions on their personal style at home and focus on the bride and what suits her. 5. Trying on too many gowns  Most brides try on four to seven gowns. More than that results in confusion, the gowns are a blur and you can’t remember details from any. The most common mistake is not purchasing the gown when your heart is telling you that this is the one. Know when to stop shopping! 6. Not keeping your options open Bring in pictures of gowns you like. However, if your consultant recommends something different, trust her and give it a try. It’s impossible to tell what a dress will look like on you from seeing it on a hanger. Brides often comment, “I never would have tried it on if it weren’t for your suggestion.” 7. Requesting the wrong size This is a BIG one. Wedding gown sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than street clothes. (If you wear a 8/10 you should try on 10/12 wedding gown). Brides tend to get hung up on the size of the gown being bigger than what they normally wear. What’s important is how your measurements compare to that designer’s size chart (and sizes vary between designers). Trust the consultant to bring  gowns for you to try on in thr correct size and to subsequently order the right size for you. Don’t count on losing weight. Order a size that fits your current body. Any dress can be taken in, but few can be let out without the location of the original seam showing through. 8. Buying a dress you don’t love Not going with your heart is the biggest mistake a bride can make.  Trust your emotions on this one.  If you don’t want to take the dress off because you like it so well….it’s probably the one. 9. Trying dresses you can’t afford Have a budget in mind before you begin shopping for your gown. We won’t attempt to show you anything above your budget without asking.  If a consultant does, it will destroy your joy in choosing a gown if you can’t afford it. 10. Not accounting for extra costs Don’t forget to add to your budget for alterations, sales taxes, shoes and accessories. HAPPY WEDDING GOWN...

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